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The digital license plate is inevitable

Garden of Life Marketing is currently seeking investors. In 2017, the U.S. alone generated well over $150 billion in advertisement sales. digiPlate™ is a platform shielded from ad-free technology and is a secure, effective, and highly dependable medium for consumer product advertising. Prospective investors are encouraged to review our executive summary before clicking the Investors tab at the top of the page.

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Ad-Skip and Ad-Block Proof Advertising

What gives digiPlate™ its incredible marketing edge is its impenetrable shield against ad-free technology. Advertising companies can rest assured knowing that their product will be capable of reaching its targeted audience base, every single time.

Entering Substantial and Rapidly Expanding Markets

digiPlate™ is a digital advertising medium, as is Google and Facebook. In 2017 digital (internet and television) advertising sales reached $411 billion dollars globally. US advertising sales exceeded one third of the global revenue.

Global Audience Exposure

Based on the number of impressions digiPlate™ is capable of generating, corporations utilizing digiPlate™ technology to advertise their products would be offered a potential exposure to an audience base that far exceeds the Super Bowl, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it a worthy contender of Facebook and Google.

Mass Media Consumer Product Advertising

Advertisements of consumer products has the potential to introduce billions in new revenue to state governments. This new revenue could be utilized to offset deficits and fund essential social state programs e.g., elderly care, housing, food banks, healthcare/mental health, daycare vouchers, adequate law enforcement resources, maintenance of infrastructures, and creating new jobs.

Global Expansion Opportunities

Advertising companies around the world are seeking advertising mediums that possess the technology necessary to deliver guaranteed results in regards to audience exposure. In the wake of ad-free technology, companies such as Google and Facebook are unable to make such guarantees.

Aiding the Community

As mentioned earlier revenue generated from digiPlate™ ads will supplement state government budgets and provide funding for essential government sponsored programs. This groundbreaking advantage combined with its ability to send emergency public notifications are operations that will greatly benefit municipalities, not only in the US but also on a global scale.